terms of service

effective date: august 16th, 2022

section 1: terms

by using and accessing the services provided by sulatia, you are agreeing to be constrained by the company's terms, and agree that you are responsible for agreeing with any relevant local rules/laws. if you disagree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from the services provided by sulatia.

section 2: end user license agreement (eula)

you have explicit permission to download anything purchased or gained from sulatia in a personal environment. under no circumstances are you to commercially use these products distributed without payment, unless the product licensing specifically states so. the license/product key distributed to you through payment is a grant of the use of the product, but not a transfer of the branding to a specific individual. the terms for the license/product keys are:

 • you may not edit/modify the product without specific licensing.

 • you may not commercially use the product or use it in a display without explicit permission from sulatia.

 • you are prohibited from stealing any code, or leak info found in restricted areas within the sulatia website.

 • you are not allowed to remove/modify copyright information found in the product's information section.

 • distributing any sulatia product through any other service than one of sulatia's, unless given marketing permission, is strictly prohibited. reselling info can be found be contacting one of our product salespersons.

these terms will allow sulatia, or its services, to directly deny access to any service upon violation. if you terminate these boundaries, you must get rid of any materials supplied by sulatia either physical or electronic, and sulatia will do their part in terminating anything related to you.

section 3: disclaimers

materials and services advertised by sulatia on any platform are provided on an "as is" basis. no warranties are acknowledged, unless given with a certain product or service. if the warranty date has been passed, no exceptions may be made. furthermore, sulatia does not make any representations concerning the accuracy or reliability of the use of the materials on its website or otherwise relating to such materials or any sites linked to this Website.

section 4: limitations

sulatia or suppliers may not be held accountable for any damage or misuse of sulatia products, even if the consumer writes physically, or digitally to sulatia or authorized staff on the damage/misuse taken place. based on your location, implied warranties and limitations for the damages may not be available for you to use at your convenience. damage to political views, childhood, life outlook, and such may not be taken blame on this website if comments are made by a user. users under the age of 13 must follow by the rules of the children's online privacy protection act (coppa), or other governing system for those under the age of 13.

section 5: revisions and errors

anything displayed on products or services may appear to have errors photographically, typographically, or technilogically on mistake. the products and services are not 100% guaranteed to be accurate, complete, or up-to-date. these sources may be subject to change without any notice to users, unless they are terms. we do not assure of any timeframe when a particular error may be fixed.

section 6: 3rd party services

3rd party services may be used by sulatia for various marketing purposes, or by users using sulatia. the websites, embeds, links, and redirects posted by users are not continuously held for secure or insecure content. any websites, embeds, links, and redirects do not apply for any endorsement by sulatia from the target site's host(s). using a link is posted at your own risk. Do not rely upon sulatia or its child companies to have verification of the target site's security information. please be aware that some websites, embeds, links, and redirects may be user-generated by the worldwide public. any 3rd party services you use are not subject to the terms of sulatia, but the terms of that 3rd party service.

section 7: terms modifications

sulatia reserves the right to modify any of our terms whenever it is deemed necessary. if a user does not agree to any new terms, they can submit to asking for their information with sulatia to be deleted, as per the wording of the privacy policy. for these, and other legal purposes, users will be required to re-accept the terms to continue to use our products and services. by using products or services that are required for the user to accept any terms, that user will be held responsible for any times and version(s) of those terms thats user has agreed on their own to.

section 8: company face

any content discriminating sulatia, its child companies, its many available products and services, or employees is strictly not allowed to be shown. respect these all in a way that shows what you are saying is an opinion if it is, and do not state false facts. along with spreading false news, do not fake out being a sulatia or one of our child companies' staff members if you are not a part of the staff team for any of the companies. please make sure that any news about sulatia that claim any facts are verified and acknowledges by sulatia, or that information could be counterfeit or made up. sulatia is not held responsible for the actions of any users changing or damaging other users' opinions, beliefs, thoughts on certain topics, or sulatia products or services. staff members are to follow these terms, as well as to agree and follow their own employee policy subject to staff of sulatia or any of its child companies.

section 9: privacy

the privacy of our users is important to sulatia, and we take privacy very seriously. to see how your data is used and what data is used, please view our privacy policy.

section 10: legal

any legal claims made by a customer related to sulatia will be handled by the sulatia staff team, and any actions needed to be taken will take place if necessary. sulatia will provide any documents that need to be seen by the general public that are able to be accessed.