privacy policy

effective date: monday, april 24th, 2023 @ 10:57 cdt/cst (utc-5)


you give us the information you want to share, you tell us who you want to share it with. it's as simple as that.

what data we collect

we, sulatia, collect information about you by explicitly giving us access to information, and use patterns our algorithm catches within any of our products. information that our algorithm will log down into our database are determined by patterns and actions that you will take within our products. rest assured that information from third parties is not collected within our system without your consent to leave you at peace knowing that we store nothing that you don’t want us to know. in essence, any data you directly give to us, or is determined through our products is the only data that will be stored with us- nothing is taken from outside sources. we give you the choice to take action on whether or not you wish to fill out data within our products. if you do not want to fill in specific info on something so to keep it in private, in most circumstances, you may. please do be advised that in order to use some of our products, some information that is optional in other products may be required for use of that product. if you are unwilling to give the required information, we’re sorry to say, but you cannot proceed into using that product since you did not fill out a sufficient enough amount of data to use that particular product. in the event of editing or removing data later into use of a product that requires the use of certain information, that product may become unavailable to your usage since required information is missing to use it. in cases where sharing information is voluntary, personalized features may not be available to you, or work at optimal quality.

how data is used

here at sulatia, we believe that giving each and every use an amazing experience is crucial to being a successful company. your data is used with us to give you customized features in products, giving you a better experience within our products, providing you with personalized features within products, and to know where we should improve any of our products with your unique feedback. another is where we may use your data is for metrics, and to get an insight on what types of users use our products. data used to deliver unique product experiences is only collected by you giving us that info, or from your use of our products. data is both used and processed both by humans, and algorithms programmed for a computer or artificial intelligence program which is programmed by humans. our human employees processing data are trained to treat all of your information as it is a private matter, and do not share your information with third parties outside of our company without your clear consent.

who we share data with

we only share your information with third parties that you personally select to be allowed to access your information with us. we do not share information to third parties without the actual consent of you, telling us that we are allowed to share that information. when it comes to advertising, we do not share your information with advertisers until you tell us that we may do so to deliver you a much better advertisement viewing experience.

how we handle data from minors

data collected from minors is processed no different that data collected than a normal user but may limit the use of certain products and services within our company to ensure a safe experience for all minors. when collecting the age or birthdate from a user, that information is processed through our algorithm along with the data containing where the user is localized to determine whether that user is classified as a minor or not within the governing laws of the location in which the user resides. If an account is determined to be labeled as a minor, a parent or guardian may govern over that minor’s account and information. a parental lock may be set by the parent or guardian to regulate how that minor is to use their account, and what products may use the data on the account. whenever a parent or guardian deems is necessary, they may revoke access to certain products, or the account as a whole so that the minor is governed safely.

how our brands use data

below are sections for the the brands we serve, and how your data is used within that brand. view a specific brand's section to learn more about what we collect, and how it is used within that brand.

list of applicable brands


 • katniss


data with katniss

when first using katniss, users will be prompted with a requirment of creating a sulatia account. this account is created with basic information such as the user's discord identification number, a unique sulatia id number, user-provided password, and user-provided username. all of this data is securely stored within a mongodb atlas server, which is only accessible by certain high-up sulatia staff members. when users prompt for ai-generated items, their sulatia id number is sent to openai as a security measure, so that users may be held accountable for their actions in prompting certain things from openai's api. lastly, user-provided email addresses and user-provided phone numbers are passed on to twilio to send out emails and text messages to users. this data is only used to send out emails and text messages to users, and is not used for any other purposes. no other 3rd parties have access to user data, nor is allowed to use this data.

privacy infringments

do you, the user, feel as if a company or staff member is infringing your sense of privacy? reach out to the sulatia team at [email protected], and we will assist you in any way possible, and take any actions needed to regain your sense of privacy with sulatia.