below is a list of all the child companies that sulatia owns. make sure to check some out if they appeal to your likings, and maybe meet some new people who share interests with you! (please note that "✅" means actively in use, and "❌" means not actively in use.)

aphilia (discord | roblox | twitter): aphilia is a company used for tying affiliation of sulatia companies to third-party companies.

archivaly (roblox): archivaly is an archive of all things sulatia, available for use and vieweing of the general public at no cost.

atalantes (roblox | twitter): outdo & outrun the others; wear atalantes. we're here to supply people with all their sporting wear needs.

nightlight security ():

cyronia (discord | roblox | twitter): cyronia is a multinational technology company that specializes in the fields of hardware and software development.

gradient air (roblox | twitter):

hexagonalvision (roblox):

j-modern (roblox):

malltiply (roblox):

shipfit (roblox):

shoply (discord | instagram | roblox | tiktok | twitter): shoply is a grocery company that strives to sell fresh groceries at the best prices while putting in the factor of being convenient.

slurpey (roblox):

suburban district (roblox):

sulatia (discord | roblox | twitter): sulatia is a multinational conglomerate that serves a variety of products from mouthwatering drinks and food to your ai friend sitting over on the counter.

sunlite (roblox):

unwind hotels (roblox):

vexagonal (roblox):

what is sulatia?

in short terms, it's a multinantional conglomerate that basically is aiming to supply humans with the things they want in life.